Tador Analog Door Phone Keypad KX-T918-AV

| October 27, 2016

Tador KX-T918-AV Analog Door Phone with illuminated keypad and push button with HD camera.

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Tador Analog Door Phone Keypad KX-T918-AV

Tador Analog Door phone Keypad KX-T918-AV unit is a Codephone device with a color camera. The KX‐T918‐MTL unit is an intelligent telephone connected to a pabx telephone exchange, mounted on office entrance and enables visitors to call to any familiar extension or to the secretary station.
An authorized person can enter by keying an access code. On the ext side of the system any person receiving a call from the door can speak with the visitor and open the door from his telephone extension by pressing a particular key.
Open the door from the inside is possible by pressing a bypass pushbutton. The device includes an environment resistant and anti-theft metal

KXT-918-AV Specifications:

  • Operating voltage: AC 12V 1000mA
  • Easy installation, programming and operation
  • can be programmed from any extension
  • ability to control two entrance doors
  • Anti-vandal
  • Operating electric or magnetic lock. (normally open or normally close)
  • Opening time: 1-99 seconds
  • Color Camera
  • Chassis Size: 170 x 97 x 35 mm (H*W*D)


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