ANALOG Door Phone systems, door phone pbx pabx, gate stations, door intercoms and IP Doorphones in South Africa provide full duplex telephone communication (GATE STATIONS with camera) through hands-free operation and control door opening via touch-tone telephones. Pantel Pancode Replacement. SIP Door entry station solutions, an IP door station that integrates with any IP PABX and LAN. A robust, anti-vandal Intercom door station designed tough to suit our environment.

The door panels enable authorized visitors to enter a 4-digit access code to unlock the entrance door. A direct extension can be also dialed upon arrival. For indoor and outdoor use. We also have gate stations with proximity card and tag readers, add up to 150 cards or tags.

Access control and hence Door Phones is an essential service today. Where entrance control for people, property and facilities is required, the Door Panel System of Access Control is the best solution. These integrate will all PABX systems whether analogue or IP.

door phone pbx

We provide Door Phone pbx with one-button with a hotline function to provide you with instant audio and/or video communication and building access control. Suitable if you want visitors to easily get in touch with a receptionist. For indoor and outdoor use.

Our Door Panels also have a VoIP Interface, Access Control systems combining various functions for a more integrated communications platform in one converged IP network.

FARANANI Stocks the TADOR range as well as backup spares for these units.

Analogue Door Phone

analogue door phone

IP Door Phones

IP door phone